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Powerful web hosting, ideal for business websites.

I provide a managed web hosting service for my customers’ web projects, with a powerful package that includes everything a modern website needs in 2019.

If you’re new to web hosting or running a web site, don’t worry. Everything is explained in simple terms.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that makes your website available online to the world. Every individual website is a collection of organised files and folders, including programming code, text, images and other media. The files are stored on dedicated computers known as web servers. These are powerful machines that run day and night with permanent connections to the internet.

Each time somebody views a page on your site, the relevant files are requested from the appropriate web server and displayed on the visitor’s screen as a complete web page.

Of course, this usually happens within a fraction of a second, and users have no idea about the technical stuff happening behind the scenes. Provided the website feels snappy and responsive with pages appearing instantly, your visitors will be happy.

This is why the quality of the web hosting is important. There are massive differences between hosting platforms that can have a big impact on the way your website behaves. Website design and web hosting are intricately linked, and modern sites often require a very specific hosting environment to function as expected.

What’s included?

Fastest SSD drives for best performance
Nobody like slow-loading web pages. My hosting platform is built on the fastest hardware so your site is always snappy and responsive.

UK hosting
The physical location of the web server can have a direct impact on the speed of your site. My web hosting platform uses data centres in both London and Manchester to ensure best performance. And since 2010, Google now uses site speed as a ranking signal, effectively penalising slower websites in the search engines.

Guaranteed compatibility with your website
My own web design work often takes advantage of the latest software and cutting-edge design techniques. Controlling both the website and the hosting environment allows me to guarantee that your site will always function as expected.

Fully managed service
I take care of all the technical stuff, including regular server updates and security patches, leaving you free to run your business.

Regular offsite backups in case of disaster
I take daily snapshots of your website as a precautionary measure, ensuring your data is always safe. Backups are stored at a secure offsite location and archived for one year, in case you ever need to roll back to a earlier version of your website.

SSL certificate (https)
This is really important. If you look at the address bar at the top of this page, you’ll notice a green padlock icon indicating that the connection between the source web server and your browser is encrypted.

The green padlock gives visitors to your site peace of mind that their information is being transmitted securely (for example, when filling in a contact form on your website). And since 2014, Google now uses HTTPS as a ranking signal, effectively penalising insecure sites in the search engines. I configure this as standard for all new websites on my hosting platform.

Performance boosts using Cloudflare technology
These are additional tools to boost the performance of your website, and these are configured as standard for all new sites on my hosting platform.

Optimised performance and security
It’s common in the hosting industry to cram many hundreds of websites onto a single web server to reduce costs. Those websites are then competing for resources (processing, memory, bandwidth) and if a single site gets too busy, the other sites can be adversely affected. This type of shared hosting is also a higher security risk, with cross-site hacking a common problem with large-scale providers.

On my hosting platform, I prefer to give each website its own individual web server. For smaller low-traffic sites where a shared server is appropriate, there are never more than 4-5 websites of a similar size, each with their own environment and completely isolated from neighbouring sites.

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