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Website redesigned for 2018

Like many web designers, I'm guilty of neglecting my own site. There always seems to be more important stuff to be getting on with.

By Lewis Jenkins

21st February, 2018

You'd think that web designers would have the best websites, wouldn't you? Like many web designers, I'm guilty of neglecting my own site. There always seems to be more important stuff to be getting on with, such as paid work for clients, leaving little time for my own projects.

I've been meaning to get my own website updated, and finally managed to set some time aside. This update is the latest version in a long line of redesigns over the past fifteen years since I became a web professional.

And thanks to the Internet Archive, I've been able to revisit some of my old designs as far back as 2005.

Home page circa 2005.

Red Carrot was my first web agency, along with a previous business partner David. The choice of name was his and nothing to do with me!

In 2005 we worked from a building at the back of David's house. As the business grew we later moved into high street premises in a nearby village in around 2007. Unfortunately I can't find a copy of the website from that time which is a shame.

Ashford, Kent circa 2009.

In 2009 we moved again to larger premises in a town centre, in a prominent position next door to a branch of Nationwide Bank.

Home page circa 2009.

This was an era before smartphones, tablets and internet-enabled mobile devices were popular, so websites were only ever designed to be displayed on desktop monitors between 800 and 1,024 pixels wide. It was common for websites to be initially mocked-up in a graphics program such as Photoshop or Fireworks, as if designing a poster or brochure.

In 2011 we moved again, just around the corner to a suite of offices above an estate agents.

Home page circa 2011.

Nowadays websites need to work on all potential screen sizes, from tiny handheld devices to huge 4k widescreen TVs and everything in-between. To achieve this, individual elements within a web page are often designed to  stack vertically on smaller screens.

Home page circa 2015. Full-size layout

Mobile-size layout

In 2012 I left Red Carrot and started my own freelance business. For a couple of years afterwards, I didn't even have my own website. I was working for a few different agencies at the time and there has always been plenty of work available, so it wasn't until 2015 that I eventually "threw something together".

Compared to the 2015 design above, this latest 2018 design feels like more of an evolution, with a clean, user-friendly layout and a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

I plan on keeping this latest design for a few years now, and I'm determined to keep my website updated with examples of projects that I'm working on and the occasional blog post.

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